Having an artist as a mom and a stock trader as a dad it came as no surprise I would do something creative. I’ve always felt if art and economy would make a baby, fashion would be their child. Our house growing up was one big art studio with eclectic pieces and anthroposophical influences. Every Sunday my dad would bring me the Herald Tribune fashion pages and he would teach me about the stock market. To make it interesting we would pick products and companies that had my interest. I remember him explaining how the prices of strawberries would go up or down and what an influence that could have on our daily life. I started to get how our brain, mood and lifestyle was influenced by the economic climate. And thus how fashion would react to that. I remember I felt butterflies in my stomach when I got how “it” works. 

Studio Anna Liss



I got admitted to AMFI when I was just 17 years old. At age 21 I moved to NYC to intern and work at Anna Sui Corp. After a year I sadly had to return to Amsterdam to finish my studies at AMFI. I fell in love with the city and leaving NYC was like breaking up with someone. 

Living in New York shaped me as a young woman and it was one of the first moments I felt my happiness was my own responsibility and to create a home somewhere so anonymous and lonely as NYC can be, you first need to be the home. 

After the AMFi I saw stock and sample sales popping up like mushrooms all over Holland. I noticed there was so much excess stock and fashion brands wanting to dump their samples like crazy before the big season sales.

I have been a great bargain hunter since I was way too young to be one. When I visited sample sales I felt it was kind of sad seeing all these pretty items on piles and at the same time I noticed all these cute women spending their time and money on these sales. 

That's when I came up with The Fashion Lisst, stock and sample sale which I hosted in the A’dam RAI. A typical nothing to lose, dream big go big move when I look back on it. I designed a fashion fair with bargains only and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to connect with a big crowd and for brands to sell all their stock.

Anna Liss family

Then my first miracle happened and I became a mom to my first out of three, my eldest Mick.

For the next 4,5 years I was basically pregnant non stop and there was hardly any room for a job as I felt I was starting up one of the most challenging companies out there; being a mom of three.

I have never seen fashion and art as a job but as my passion. At the age of 14 I started mixing designer goods with vintage from the Waterloopplein- and Noorder market, Zipper, Laura Dolls and Episode in Amsterdam. Later I would also visit dumpstores to hunt for more unique items. NYC took vintage to a whole other level and I carried on my treasure hunt. Dump stores around the upper fifth delighted me even more together with Patricia Field's boutique in soho.

In 2020 I wanted to sell items from my closet on Kingsday but due to the lockdown this wasn’t possible. I started selling items via instagram and I found it made so much more sense to make stories about the item, explaining my vision on the fabric and how I would wear it. My friends and acquaintances started approaching me to do the same with their closet and before I knew it the studio was born in front of my living room mirror. 

Eventually I outgrew my apartment. At one point I was having nervous breakdowns of all the lego sculptures and Frozen merchandise in between shopping bags of stock. Most of it coming from closets bigger than my living room.

I made the step to my own studio space on the Keizersgracht 206 and expanded my assortment to vintage refurbished furniture from Old Skool Vintage Furniture and more lifestyle and art brands to come.